New Leaf Church has accountability and structure through it's affilication with The Wesleyan Church--a direct offshoot of the Methodist Movement. The Wesleyan Church formed during the time of the Civil War primarily over objections to the social injustice of slavery. The early Wesleyan Methodists also championed the rights of women and the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York hosted the first Women's Rights Convention in 1848. The Wesleyan Church today continues to be one of strong social justice.

We believe in one God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the Savior of all men and women who put their faith in Him alone for eternal life. We believe that those who receive new life in Christ are called to be holy in character and conduct, and can only live this way by being filled with the God's Spirit. We believe in the Bible and seek to establish our faith and actions on its teaching. We believe God’s will is for people everywhere to know Him and that the purpose of the Church is to tell the world about Christ through its worship, witness, and loving deeds.

The following are terms descriptive of who we are and why we do what we do. They describe the "soul of the Church":

BIBLICAL AUTHORITY: The Bible is the highest source of written authority for God's plan for His people; it reveals how to live out that plan, individually and corporately. Beliefs, practices, priorities are to be anchored in clear biblical teachings.

CHRIST-LIKENESS: Jesus Christ is the defining feature of God's will for all humankind. In Christ is found the highest and most practical meaning and clearest example for holy living or godliness. Christ is both example and strength as we pursue integrity, excellence, faith, hope, and love.

DISCIPLE-MAKING: Making disciples is a clear mandate from Christ. This requires a strong focus on evangelism and training in spiritual growth and holy living.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP: We desire to be leaders in serving. We realize that the authority and effectiveness of spiritual leadership is not primarily bestowed, but earned and manifested by a loving and willing heart of obedience that serves God and mankind gladly.

UNITY IN DIVERSITY: There is intrinsic value in every person. Unity becomes all the more important and beautiful in the light of the wide ranges of difference in personality, culture, race, talents, and perspectives. Loving each other eliminates devaluation and deprivation of life to one another.

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