It’s a big deal visiting a new church for the first time. You may wonder:

Can I come if I’m not sure what I believe? 

Yes! At New Leaf, we want to make your visit a great one – easy, straightforward, and uncomplicated. We are intentionally “user-friendly” for everyone regardless of their background. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

What to wear?
You will notice that everyone is dressed comfortably in everything from “office casual” to jeans and flip-flops. So “come as you are!”

Showing up
Check the church calendar for the location on where and when we are meeting. This changes up weekly as the summer has some worship days and some Pop-Up Days and some of everything in between.

(Once a quarter we have Community Action Day where we go into the community instead of all gather together.  If you come on CAD someone will be there to greet you and let you know how you can participate!  These CAD events are always listed on the Events calendar.  What better way to try a church than to serve our community together?)

Tell me about the ASL/English Interpretation
Our lead interpreter coordinator has a BA degree in both Interpreting and Christianity in the Deaf Community. She holds a MA in Theology from Fuller Seminary and a MA in Teaching Interpreting. Certified Nationally RID CI/CT and Texas BEI III she has years of experience interpreting and transliterating in a variety of fields including Community, Medical, Education, VRS, as well as interpreting worship services into English and interpreting other worship services into ASL.  Just ask anyone and they all know some basic ASL to lead you in the right direction.

Additionally, several families have basic ASL skills and are familiar with Deaf culture. Please contact for more information.

What about my kids?
Before worship gatherings, anyone will gladly direct you to the children’s classrooms so you can see the rooms beforehand.  Your children are welcome to join in the 6:30 pm worship gathering. Mid-way through the service, children are invited to go to Children's Church for a lesson time of their own. Kindergarten and under are welcomed to stay with their parents the full service, go directly to a nursery program or leave when the children exit for Children's Church. Please choose what is best for your family. We are a child-friendly congregation and love the children to participate along with the adults. What better way for our children to learn to worship than to see their parents in worship?

In the past, we have used a registration desk to securely check in your children to our wonderful children’s ministry that provides fun, engaging experiences for children ages birth through fifth grade in an allergy-friendly environment. Yet, we found the personal approach of children taken to their class and then brought back allows for a greater interaction. Everyone knows who belongs to what child and this allows for the entire congregation to look after ALL of our children. It is a family environment instead of a sticker based system that is possible because of our interactive size congregation. 

On Pop-Up Days into the community, we try to have events that are friendly for the kids to serve with the adults. Bring a hat and a stroller, ready to meet the world in Jesus' love.

(See our Worship information on the Children's Ministry to learn more about the kids and the allergy-friendly environment.)

What about my teens?
The chances are good you will see some of NLC's teens serving too. NLC teens are encouraged to participate in services and missions projects like everyone else. 

Through the doors

Service begins with music that is a balance of contemporary worshipful choruses and relevant hymns that reflect the deeper more traditional history of the Church, followed by a welcome and announcements. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to stand and introduce yourself! You will have time when the children are dismissed for children's church to shift chairs and grab a better seat.

The sermon is designed to be Biblically based, relevant to daily life and often interactive. By the end of service, you should have experienced solid Christian teaching that was understandable and relevant. Our mission is to provide everyone who walks through our door a genuine transformational experience with God. In addition, we want you to experience community and friendship, and we trust you will find genuine warmth and openness at New Leaf Church!

We hope to see you Saturday for the Worship Gathering or Pop-Up Church Events.