It’s a big deal visiting a new church for the first time. You may wonder:

Can I come if I’m not sure what I believe? 

Yes! At New Leaf, we want to make your visit a great one – easy, straightforward, and uncomplicated. We are intentionally “user-friendly” for everyone regardless of their background. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

What to wear?
You will notice that everyone is dressed comfortably in everything from “office casual” to jeans and flip-flops. So “come as you are!”

Showing up

Check the homepage or church calendar for the current meeting link or code. You can log in virtually from PCs, Macs, smartphones, or even call in using the phone number link. 

What about my kids and younger teens?

Before worship gatherings, the children have their own class time for Children's Church starting at 5:40 pm. (NLC worship log in is the same place but they use a separate meeting room which you will be directed to after logging into the New Leaf Virtual Meeting.) With interest, we can separate the kids and teens into more groups with the use of the breakout room feature.Breakout Rooms

I've entered the virtual meeting...what do I do?

First, check your settings. Know how to mute and unmute yourself. Know how to show your video or hide it. If you have never used before, you can watch the zoom tutorials, but in person is a great way to know what to expect. (No one needs to be strong in technical things to join any meeting. Call the church office 972 325-8939 and NLC will set-up a time to walk you through the use of Zoom so that you feel comfortable attending any meeting. We can answer your questions before-hand and do a virtual practice meet so you can see what to expect.) 

What happens next for Worship Services?

Meet and Greet with Announcements
Service begins with a time of saying hello and sharing announcements. 

Service begins with music that is a balance of contemporary worshipful choruses and relevant hymns that reflect the deeper more traditional history of the Church. 

Scripture Memory and Readings


       Some parents use this time to dismiss their children from around the computer to go play during the adult teaching time. The message has a fill-in worksheet that goes along with to help everyone follow along, even the children if you choose to keep your kids with you during this time. You can get that message outline in advance each week and many prefer to print it and have a clipboard for easy writing during the service for prayer concerns and to follow along during the teaching time


The sermon is designed to be Biblically based, relevant to daily life and often interactive. You might be asked to join a breakout room to have a small group discussion with others for two minutes or might be asked to press your space bar key. (That will temporarily unmute you so everyone can answer together.) You can just sit back and listen too. Various people throughout the meeting might pray, read scripture, etc. By the end of service, you should have experienced solid Christian teaching that was understandable and relevant. Our mission is to provide everyone who enters to have a genuine transformational experience with God. In addition, we want you to experience community and friendship, and we trust you will find genuine warmth and openness at New Leaf Church!


The sacrament of communion occurs once a month. Pastor JD delivers the elements in advance to people locally and people out of the area are encouraged to keep elements on hand. At the start of service, it is announced so everyone may gather their elements to participate together as Pastor leads communion at the end of the worship service. 

We hope to see you Saturday for the Worship Gathering Virtually with NLC.