Can I give to New Leaf electronically?
Sure! Most of the major banks in the area do some type of person to person transfer with Zelle. It is easy as signing into any of the below banks with your bank online or bank smart phone app:

  • JPMorgan Chase "Quick Pay"
  • Wells Fargo "Sure Pay"
  • Capital One "Person to Person"
  • Bank One "Person to Person"
  • U.S. Bank "Person to Person"
  • Bank of America Transfer "Send Money to Someone"
  • BB&T "Easy Pay"

      Find out if you bank already uses a transfer program like this using Zelle:

      Use your own online banking or bank app and specify the name New Leaf Church with the email:

      What if my bank doesn't do a transfer with just a name and email address? 

      You can sign up to send money with Zelle using your smartphone after downloading the Zelle app from your app store. Open your Zelle app and transfer money. Specify the name New Leaf Church with the email:

      Are there any additional cost/fees?

      No! There is no charge to send or receive money. NLC isn't charged for the transfers either!

      Can I give with a Credit Card or Paypal transfers?

      New Leaf Church is a small community congregation and does not have the systems to accept credit cards. Please save the credit card percentage fees and give through your bank, check or cash. Thank you for understanding so we can all be the best stewards of the resources God has granted. 

      If you prefer traditional methods:

      New Leaf Church
      2701 Little Elm Pkwy
      Suite 100-471
      Little Elm, Tx 75068

      New Leaf receives a message of the transfer of funds or reciept of your mailed gift. Your giving is documented and the first of the year giving statements will be available for Tax purposes. Thank you for supporting God's kindgom work through New Leaf Church in Little Elm, Texas.