Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ages does the Children’s Ministry serve?
Our children's ministry is designed for children birth through 5th grade and has age-appropriate environments for the different age groups. It is broken into sections:

  • Infants
  • Preschoolers – toddlers & preschool age
  • Children's Church: K-5th Grade

      (Select middle school and high school students also exit for Children's Church as teacher aides.)

2. What do you teach the children?
We teach basic Biblical truths in exciting environments using relevant curriculum that is designed to communicate about God, Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith. Parents are encouraged to partner with us to continue faith development at home throughout the week (Deuteronomy 6:5-9). We provide opportunities for the children to lead worship periodically through the year.

3. Will my child be safe?
New Leaf Church has many security precautions in place to ensure the safety of your child. All children's ministry staff and volunteers are required to complete a reference and criminal background check as well as an orientation before having contact with children. The teachers are the same EVERY week so that there is continuity for all the kids. 

4. What does "allergy friendly" mean?
There are multiple children and adults in the congregation with food allergies and intolerances. To provide a safe environment for everyone, it is a completely nut-free environment. We strive to understand the unique dietary needs of people today. Your families specific food needs can be addressed; please give a call to ask more detailed questions at 214-636-7519 or email

5. How will I know if my child needs me?
A children's worker or teen aide will come to you in the service to let you know if there is any issue that arises which needs your attention. Everyone who works with the children is experienced parents and grandparents.

6. Is there a place for nursing mothers?
Most moms at NLC discretely nurse in the gathering service, but should you require, an area located near the nursery provides a convenient and private area for nursing mothers including extra diapers/wipes, nursing cover, and pillow in case anything is forgotten at home. Please ask for anything you might need.  

7. Is my kid too sick for church?
To ensure the health of all the children and volunteers, parents are asked not to bring children who have, or have had, any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:

  • Fever, colored nasal discharge, conjunctivitis ("pink eye"), eye or ear discharge, vomiting or diarrhea, skin infections, chronic cough or sore throat, cold sores around the mouth, impetigo, active chicken pox or chicken pox vaccine within 3 days, or any acute infectious disease.

8. What to Expect in Children's Ministry
Every week we strive to creatively teach basic Biblical truths in exciting environments as well as helping the children apply them into their world at home, school, and play. We use a combination of drama, music, videos, hands-on activities, and small group discussions. The Children’s Ministry is broken into three primary groups:

  • Our nursery staff and volunteers have a love for children. They provide a loving and nurturing environment for the youngest of the children. Care is available during the entire worship service.
  • Preschoolers class engages toddlers and preschoolers (pre-kindergarden) age. This includes "Pee Wee Praise", an active worship time which offers creative storytelling and music. This is followed by time in which children participate in fun age-appropriate hands-on activities that reinforce the message. Care is available during the entire worship service, but the lesson begins after the arrival of children that remained with their parents in the sanctuary during the worship in music.
  • Children's Church is for children grades K - 5th grade. Children begin in the sanctuary so they can participate in the worship in music. When the kids are dismissed to Children's Church, they are greeted and engaged in activity stations with fun games and crafts related to the theme for the day. We offer a large group experience which offers a variety of music, games, and creative teaching, followed by small group discussions and activities.

9. Can I keep my child in service?
Children are welcome to stay in service. We encourage all families to worship together. After children are dismissed to their classes, the children's program is design to be at a level for engaging child's learning. If you would prefer, infants, toddlers, and preschool can spend the entire service in the children's classes.

10. What security is there?
All of our staff and volunteers are carefully screened with background and reference checks and trained to provide safe and quality environments. Most are parents or grandparents of our children and youth. We strive for continuity by having the same teachers and teen aids so that all children from our littlest up can feel safe and comfortable every week.