Come worship with us: If you are interested in being a part of church in the Little Elm and Frisco community, we would love to meet you and tell you more about New Leaf Church.
p>The holidays are upon us and it is so easy to overdo at this time of the year -- so easy to over commit and over-extend in our scheduling; to over-spend in the budget, to over-eat and to over-drink.... I challenge you this holiday season to .take a step back and consider really what's important.. What are your real priorities to make this holiday season special?. You may find there are activities and plans that you need to say "no" to. On the other hand, maybe, there are some things that you really should add to your holiday planning. God created us with a basic need for relationship. Without that being our focus this season, the decorations, activities, gifts and all the trimmings will only leave us exhausted and spent, asking the question again, "Is this all there is?" At New Leaf we talk a lot about Priorities and Balance.

At New Leaf we try to keep it pretty simple as we strive to address those felt needs which also include building relationships, making new friends, focusing on family and of course, our ultimate relationship with God. One way we work to build relationships is by hosting a weekly"Friendship Dinner". This is typically a light meal provided by New Leaf every Saturday at 5:45pm. It is a relaxed family time that promotes making new friends. It is followed directly by our regular 6:30pm family worship. Yes, we worship as families - and just prior to the interactive message the kids go to their own classes--Children's Church. Nursery care is also provided. At NLC we believe an important part of "church" is to not only address spiritual needs, but to meet physical and relational needs as well..

If you would like to be a part of something that's making a difference or if have been turned off by the "traditional church" and "organized religion"; but still sense a longing or need for something more in your life - come check out this young church. At New Leaf we want to be a church that is about meeting needs which includes the need for relationships - with each other and ultimately with God. In that process we are trying to truly discover and live out the motto, "Don't just go to church... Be the church!"

Please accept my invitation to join us this Saturday. It will be special. What better time than this holiday season to "turn over a New Leaf"?

Pastor JD Schletewitz