Come worship with us: If you are interested in being a part of church in the Little Elm and Frisco community, we would love to meet you and tell you more about New Leaf Church.

At New Leaf we say, "Don't just go to church... Be the church!" That's easy to say but is sometimes hard to do. It's easy to get into a routine that's a once a week thing. It easy to "go to church" asking "what's in it for me?". When we first began meeting for worship in the Children's Lighthouse in Little Elm, two years ago we began by "Re-Thinking Church". Just because "we have always done it one way" doesn't mean we have to continue that way. At New Leaf we are trying to change our way of thinking about "church". One obvious change is that we normally gather for worship on Saturdays at 6:30pm. That's a family-friendly time that allows for the family to have Sunday as a real break.  Another way is in addressing felt needs like building relationships, making new friends and focusing on family. To encourage that, at New Leaf we host what we call a "Friendship Dinner" every Saturday at 5:45pm - before the 6:30pm worship.  Another change is NLC's focus on practical service in and to our community. I could give examples but the mst current one is that NLC won't be meeting for worship this coming Saturday  - July 4th.  Instead, we will be serving -- at the Little Elm July Jubilee.  Stop by our booth and let us give you a bottle of ice cold water and some candy for the kids.  At NLC we believe an important part of "church" is serving our community-- to meet physical, relational, financial and spiritual needs.  

If you have been turned off by the "traditional church" or "organized religion"; but still sense a longing or need for something more in your life-- come check out this young church. At New Leaf we want to be a church that is about meeting needs which includes the need for relationships -- with each other and ultimately with God. In that process we are trying to truly discover and live out the motto, "Don't just go to church... Be the church!"

We will be back to a regular schedule Saturday July 11.  Friendship dinner at 5:45pm followed by relaxed, interactive worship at 6:30pm.   Bring the family and come "check us out". This summer could be one of the best of your life and is a great time of year to consider turning over a New Leaf.  

Pastor JD Schletewitz
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